Jax in the hospital.

Emergency fundraiser set up for Jax Hudym

May 9, 2019 12:52 pm
Kara Kinna

Fundraising is underway for a Moosomin Grade 1 student—Jax Hudym—who was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago and had an emergency operation to remove a brain tumor on Monday, April 29.

Jax and his family are currently in Saskatoon where Jax is recovering from the operation. A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the family, while an online Facebook auction will start today (May 6).

Lisa Taylor is the one who organized the Go Fund Me page for Jax. She says the surgery happened so quickly that she wanted to find a way to get financial relief to the family right away. On top of the rush to the hospital and surgery, Jax’s parents, Allisa and Brandon Hudym, have missed time at work due to Jax’s extreme migraines that preceeded the surgery.

“He’s been having migraines since January, and they’ve been really concerned about them and have been doctoring,” says Lisa. “A couple of weeks ago Allisa did take him by ambulance to the hospital here, and they ended up going to the city and they did start him on some migraine meds with the plan to do a CT scan in the near future.

“And before they could get to that, they had rushed him again to Moosomin hospital in an ambulance because he was in so much pain, and they sent him on to Regina in the ambulance that time and did an emergency CT scan and they found the tumor that night.

“That was Thursday night or Friday morning (April 25-26) and they did the surgery on Monday (April 29).”

A 5 cm by 7 cm benign brain tumor was removed from Jax, who is recovering in Saskatoon, where the surgery took place.

“Right now the whole family is up there and they are staying in the Ronald McDonald House,” says Lisa. “Then mom and dad are just switching out with the kids. From Regina, once they found it, they sent him to Saskatoon.

“They are still in the hospital. He’s awake now. They started waking him up because they had him in an induced coma. He’s awake now and right now it’s going really well considering all that’s happened.

“The MRI came back and they got 95 to 100 per cent of the tumor.”

Lisa says when she found out Jax was being rushed for surgery, she wanted a way to get money to the family quickly, which is why she started the Go Fund Me page. She set a goal of $10,000 and the donations started to come in right away. As of last week, over $12,000 in donations had come in on the Go Fund Me page.

“I started it on Saturday,” says Lisa. “I found out about Jax Friday, I messaged Allisa Friday night and said this is something I think we should be doing, and it would be easy to get you guys some cash this week right away, and she was okay with it, and I set it up on Saturday, and it was crazy how fast it went!

“Kathryn Obal is doing on online auction as well and the bidding starts on Monday, May 6 (today), and that can be found on Facebook.

“And there are some people who aren’t okay with sending money online, so I have accepted a few cards on their behalf until they get home. If there is anybody who is unsure of doing anything online, then we can take them at MacLeod Elementary school and I can give it to them after.”

Allisa works at Andrew Agencies and Brandon works at Co-op Feeds in Moosomin. They also have one child in Grade 3 and an 18-month-old. Lisa says the donations will be a big help to the family.

“They have three little kids and both mom and dad work. I know she’s missed a lot of work in the last while with Jax feeling the way he has. I just want to make these next couple weeks a little easier so they don’t have to worry about anything,” she says.

Lisa says she has taught the Hudym’s oldest son at MacLeod Elementary, and knows Allisa personally as well.

“I’ve listened to her talk about it for the last few months and I just can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now as a mom. Thank God that he’s okay.”

The Go Fund Me page is called “Battle for Jax” and the online Facebook auction is called “Online fundraiser for The Hudym’s.” Donations can also be dropped off for Lisa Taylor at MacLeod Elementary School in Moosomin where she works and where Jax goes to school.