Drs. Davidson, Hussein to be honored

July 29, 2013 7:57 am
Kevin Weedmark

Two longtime Moosomin physicians will be honored in the residential development at the site of Moosomin Union Hospital, where they practised.

Former Moosomin physicians Dr. Barrie Davidson and Dr. Shaukat Hussein will be honored in the new development.

The new block of Gertie Street will be named Hussein Drive in honor of Dr. Hussein, and Dr. Davidson-an avid gardener-will be honored with a green space at the intersection of Hussein Drive and Windover Avenue, near Dr. Davidson's former clinic.

Moosomin town council voted to honor the two physicians after Pansy Taylor and Alice Abrahamson attended Wednesday's council meeting to ask that the doctors be recognized.

"I had originally requested that a brick sign be erected at the entrance to the development and that the new streets be named Hussein Drive and Davidson Drive in honor of those two prominent doctors that served our community while practising medicine at Moosomin Union Hospital," Taylor said.

"My passion about honoring them has not dwindled. I know that many Moosomin and area residents owe their well-being, and perhaps their very lives, to the care provided by these doctors."

Honoring the doctors had been discussed previously, but council was initially cautious about the proposal to rename part of Gertie Street, fearing it may cause confusion.

"The renaming of a continuation of streets is a common practice in many cities and certainly won't cause any navigational problems," Taylor told council Wednesday.

She also suggested that a gala event honoring the two long-time physicians could be held, citing the success of the Armoury Committee's Centennial Gala.

"I am certain that this project would be applauded by the entire community," Taylor told council.

"I also think that a dedication event honoring Dr. Hussein and Dr. Davidson would be very well attended by their former associates in the health care field and by their many former patients. This event would also be an excellent opportunity to recognize and show the appreciation of our current doctors and health care providers. These people have been very vital in keeping Moosomin 'alive and well.'"

After meeting with the delegation, council voted to rename the new section of Gertie Street between Mark and Windover Avenues "Hussein Drive," but decided the idea of naming the green space "Moosomin Union Court" after the former hospital needs further discussion, as the term "Moosomin Union Court" might not mean anything to some people, especially newcomers unfamiliar with the former hospital.

Taylor teared up when informed that council agreed with her proposal to name a section of Gertie Street in honor of Dr. Hussein.

"I'm just so glad the town is doing this," she said. "I think it's so important to recognize what those two doctors did for Moosomin. Those two took care of everyone in this area. The level of caring was just amazing.
"I think this whole thing can show the current doctors we appreciate them, too."

Taylor said she is confident that a dedication ceremony would turn into a huge event.

"I know if there was an event honoring these doctors, every able bodied former patient would attend," she said.

Taylor salvaged some bricks from the former Moosomin Union Hospital, which can be used for a sign in the park area.

"We spent a lot of time salvaging bricks, and the demolition people said they had never seen anything like it-ladies salvaging bricks.

"Alice helped me gather bricks, and one of the last conversations I had with Alice Davidson was when I told her that I wanted to see the doctors honored in that area, and she said she thought it was a wonderful idea. She thought it would be amazing. I promised her we would do it."

She said she also spoke with Dr. Hussein-who now lives in Ontario-about the plan.
"Dr. Hussein started crying when I told him I was going to do this," she said. "I mailed a brick to Dr. Hussein.

"I'm just so happy the town is going to do this. I think Dr. Hussein and Dr. Davidson will be very happy."