410 Main Street Esterhazy open for business

June 20, 2019, 10:04 am
Shayna Zubko

Crystal Meekins, left, and Jessica Yablonski, right, the owners of 410 Main Street in Esterhazy which houses Timeout Eatery and Luxx Medi Spa, as well as a private residence.

410 Main Street in Esterhazy consists of the Timeout Eatery and LUXX Medi Spa. The owners of this establishment are Crystal Meekins and Jessica Yablonski.

The sentence which started Crystal and Jessica down the path of being intertwined as entrepreneurs was, “Do you want to open a smoothie bar?” Crystal had already established LUXX and had it open and running for a year and was looking to expand into a new and larger location.

The two, self-dubbed “work-wives” approached the former owner of Hip Clothing, inquiring if the building was available to purchase in March. It wasn’t, but the inquiry was made anyway and within 15 minutes, a meeting and tour was taking place. They were drawn to the size and the origins of the building and were excited by the idea of restoring a piece of history in the community.

By April, the two had taken possession of the building and started an intense eight-week renovation schedule that did a complete overhaul of the building. Throughout the renovation the two worked to keep the spirit and style of the building, which originates from the early 1900s. Anytime shiplap has been uncovered it has been restored, original hardware, shelving and doors have been maintained to keep the look of the building, but as a brighter and rejuvenated space.

In addition to the main floor renovation to make space for the two businesses, Jessica’s family moved in upstairs and has been renovating that as well. There are four bedrooms, an office space, and two bathrooms there. The goal is to eventually develop the upstairs living area into corporate suites.

Behind 410 there is a wonderful backyard space, again divided to be made into two functional spaces—one side for the upstairs accommodations, and the other as a patio area for the business. This looks to be the home to a future family friendly area that will have a nature-based play section for kids, and a large seating area and dining table for entertaining the adults.

The goal is to eventually be licensed so that there can be a rental venue in the downtown core that could host bridal showers, family functions, etc. that would allow you to enjoy your evening and be able to walk home. The licensing would also help draw in the lunch crowd and weekend relaxers who seek a fun hangout space and lunch spot.

The work-wives are optimistic and excited, as this is the beginning of very big goals for them. They have their sights set on other downtown venues to flip and other potential business ventures.

As Meekins said, “We finally figured out what we wanted to be when we grow up—entrepreneurs!”

People enjoying ice cream at Timeout Eatery.