Group sewing for moms and babies from northern communities

June 20, 2019, 10:16 am
Kara Kinna

Some of the comfort quilters working on bags and receiving blankets for True North Aid.

For the last few months, a group of local quilters has been spending time sewing bags and receiving blankets for moms from northern Indigenous communities who must travel south to deliver their babies.

The Moosomin Comfort Quilters have sewn 15 bags and receiving blankets so far for a charity called True North Aid. The bags also contain other things that norborns need, like jumpers, diapers, baby oil, baby powder, vaseline, baby shampoo and Q-tips. All of the toiletries from the bags have been donated by Moosomin Pharmasave.

Bernice Holman with the Comfort Quilters says their group chose True North Aid because of how great the need is.

“I went online because we were looking for places to do charity work for,” says Holman. “I called the guy who was the contact for True North Aid, Kenneth Smid, and he was more than excited to have somebody do this because the mothers that are going to receive this have to leave their home to go to have the baby, and they usually don’t have anything to put the baby in.

“When I talked to him the need was so demanding. It’s nice to do something for someone who really really needs it.”

Homan says not only do the mothers struggle with the reality of having to travel away from home for their deliveries, but there are challenges with the cost of supplies in the north, and the availability of supplies.

The bags from the comfort quilters provide those supplies so that the mothers have something for their newborns right away.

Holman says the Comfort Quilters are aiming to have 20 bags ready to go, and once they do, Smid will make arrangements to have the bags shipped.

The group is also working on a few quilts and blankets for the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital.

Holman says they plan to keep in touch with True North Aid as well, and when a need arises, they will do their best to help the charity out.

Some of the completed bags and the supplies that are inside of them.