Santos family on Gormley show Friday morning

July 26, 2019 9:09 am

Moosomin’s Santos Family will be on the Gormley show on CJME at 11:05 this morning.

The Moosomin Chamber of Commerce had honored the family as honorary parade marshalls in the Rodeo Weekend Parade in July, they received their Permanent Residency yesterday, and they have bought a house in Moosomin.

The family had been scheduled for deportation until the community rallied around them in July of 2017.

The government responded, and gave them a two-year extension to remain in Canada to complete an application for residency on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds, which has now been accepted.

On Wednesday, the World-Spectator sent an email to everyone from polticians to media who had been involved in covering the story and helping the family.

We Iheard back from everyone from Ralph Goodale, who said he is very happy with how things worked out for this family to John Gormley, who did a piece yesterday on what a wonderful community Moosomin is for going to bat for this family and will interview them today — and this might be the only thing that Ralph Goodale and John Gormley agree on!