Home Hardware providing trees for SEICC

Tree planting set for Friday, Sept. 27 • Volunteers needed to help

September 19, 2019, 3:56 pm
Kevin Weedmark

Mullett’s Home Hardware is looking for volunteers to help plant trees at SEICC in Moosomin.

Mullett’s Home Hardware in Moosomin is looking for volunteers to help plant 75 trees at the Southeast Integrated Care Centre in Moosomin on Friday, September 27.

Robert Mullett of Mullett’s Home Hardware said that he decided to make use of the program through Home Hardware to provide trees in the area around the hospital.

“There are products that we sell in the store that a percentage goes into this fund. Every year you can apply for it. You have to come up with a proposal and apply for funding.

“Neepawa, Manitoba last year planted 50 trees and had eight volunteers.

“Selkirk planted 18 trees but had 130 volunteers.

“Being this is our first year as a Home Hardware and the hospital is needing some trees, I thought this would be a good idea.

“We’re getting 75 trees and there will be two different areas that will be planted—a strip along the west of the hospital and one corner of the property.”

Mullett’s Home Hardware is looking for volunteers to help plant trees at SEICC in Moosomin. They would go on the west side of the building, on the right in the photo.

The Moosomin and District Health Care Foundation has done some landscaping around the SEICC, planting rows of spruce trees along the north side of the property along Wright Road, but more trees are needed on the west side of the property, where the new trees will go.

“We’ll plant some along where the fence line used to be and also in the back corner,” said Mullett. “We’re shelterbelting the west side, and when people look out, they will have a nice row of trees.”

There are about 30 projects approved through the Home Hardware/Tree Canada program across the country each year.

About $2,800 worth of trees are being donated for the SEICC.

“We want to get a group of volunteers out that day. We’ll have coffee for them. If we get 75 volunteers, each person can plant one tree. Anyone interested in volunteering can simply show up at the Southeast Integrated Care Centre, at the intersection of Wright Road and Saunders Road, Friday, Sept. 27.

“We’ll have shovels there, we’ll have the area staked for each tree, so it will be marked, a stake for a willow for example, so the volunteers need to just get a willow, take it to a stake marked for a willow, pull the stake out, plant it, pack it, put the stake back in, then twist tie it to the stake.”

The tree planting will begin at 1 pm Friday, Sept. 27.

Mullett said he is hoping to do another tree project next year, and “We’re working with Home Hardware on some funds to do some other things in town. If they’re offering us these things and it’s good for Moosomin, why wouldn’t we do it?”