Dance floor full of people with a band on stage from previous years.

12th Esterhazy Monster Bash coming up October 26

October 16, 2019 4:24 pm
Kara Kinna

Fresh off the heels of the successful Rockin’ the Park Music Festival on the August long weekend, Esterhazy is planning to rock out again on Saturday, October 26 with its 12th annual Monster Bash featuring two bands over one fun night.

This massive Halloween dance is a labour of love for organizers who have seen the event bring in hundreds of people each year and raise money for various community groups over the years. This year’s event will raise money for the Esterhazy Recreation Fundraising Association (the group that hosted Rockin’ the Park), and for the Esterhazy High School Senior Drama Club.

Nicole Knezacek with the Community Charity Committee is the main organizer of the event, which brings around 400 people through the door each year.

She says the event originally got started as a fundraiser and has stayed that way through the years.

“Twelve years ago, my kids were young and my friends’ kids were young and we wanted to renovate a room in Stockholm hall so that we could have playdates and things like that,” she says. “They were nice enough to let us renovate it, but we needed money, so we decided to put on this cabaret, and since my husband and I are in a band, Rock Candy, we decided to put on this cabaret and put the money towards the renovation.

“So that’s how it started. I love Halloween more than I love Christmas,” she says with a laugh.

“I get different organizations from the community to help with certain portions on the day of the event, and then they get the proceeds. So over the years there have been many different local organizations that have benefited from the proceeds.”

Some of the wild costumes at the Esterhazy Monster Bash in past years.

Some of the wild costumes at the Esterhazy Monster Bash in past years.

Knezacek says she was shocked by how much support the event got the first year they hosted it.

“Right from the start, we were blown away, it was such a success,” she says. “There were just over 300 people for the first one and 98 per cent of the people dressed up. It was incredible and it has grown from there.

“We get a lot of out-of-town people. The name has spread for sure.

“We bring two quality bands in so we always have two live bands playing, and we have costume judging, and I’m grateful for all the donations. We give out cash prizes. This year it’s going to be close to $1,700 in cash prizes.”

This year’s bands are Mascara and Buckshot.

“Mascara is a band out of Regina, they have been together for quite some time, they are very seasoned professionals and they play Top 40 and pop,” she says. “They’ve actually played our cabaret a few times over the years and they are definitely a crowd favorite.

“And Buckshot is more country rock and it features Tyler Lewis. He’s a friend of ours, and he was one of the finalists in Canadian Idol years ago, and he just has one of the biggest voices I’ve ever heard and I love it.

“I always try to get more entertaining and enthusiastic bands. Because with this cabaret, you don’t have to be reserved. You walk in with a costume and you’re on the dance floor the first song, and everybody there is just there to have a great time.”

Knezacek says she’s excited to be donating the proceeds to the Esterhazy Recreation Fundraising Association and the Esterhazy High School Senior Drama Club this year.

“I always like to spread it around, and the Esterhazy Recreation Fundraising Association is the one that did Rockin’ the Park. I just think it’s a fantastic organization because it’s going back into our community to help our recreational sports.

“And with the Senior Drama, I always like to get some youth organizations involved. Of course they can’t be there that day (no minors are allowed at the event. But in past year’s I’ve got them to do the cleanup on the Sunday.

“I pick organizations I feel deserve it. They are working hard, and we fundraise for everything nowadays, and it’s nice to get a little boost.”

The event is a lot of work to organize each year, but Knezacek says she loves the results.

“You have to have a passion to keep it going this long because it is a lot of work,” she says. “My friends and I start decorating three days before the actual cabaret. Why do we do it? Because we love Halloween and I love seeing the faces of the people that enjoy it!”

Knezacek says the cap attendance at the event at around 400 people each year just so the hall doesn’t get too crowded, especially since everyone is in costume.

“We decorate every inch of this huge hall. We like to keep it around 400 people because if you get any more than that you can’t move around with costumes. We spread out tables more to get in with the costumes. And just the way it’s laid out, it seems to work.”

She says people come from around the area for the Monster Bash.

“We do have a lot from out of town, and I’m so grateful for that,” she says. “If they are thinking about it this year, bring your friends!”

The Monster Bash takes placed at the SN Boreen Hall in Esterhazy, and people must be through the doors by 10:30 with their costumes to be considered for a prize. Doors open at 8:30 pm and the event is for those ages 19 and older.

Tickets are available at Whippletree Coffee in Esterhazy, Trister/Subway in Esterhazy, the Dollar Store in Esterhazy, or by texting