Some of the costumes and kids at a previous family dance.

Rocanville hosting two Halloween dances

Family dance, adult cabaret are fundraisers for Dream Big Childcare

October 24, 2019 3:30 pm
Kara Kinna

This Saturday, Oct. 26 in Rocanville there will be two Halloween dances—one for families from 5-9 pm and a cabaret for adults from 9 pm to 1 am. Both events will take place at the Nutrien Rocanville Community Hall.

The dances are a fundraiser for Dream Big Childcare in Rocanville.

This is the third year that the daycare has hosted a family dance, but it’s the first year they have followed it up with an adult cabaret.

“We’re already renting the hall and paying the DJ and there are no other events in Rocanville that have a Halloween cabaret, so we just thought we would extend the family portion into a dance that everyone in the community can come and enjoy,” says Laura Miskiman, who is helping to organize the event along with fellow Dream Big board member Karen Chevrier.

“It originally started with myself and Megan Shipp, we were on the daycare board at the time, and we started it as a fundraiser for the daycare. We wanted to do something that would draw families in the community out and something fun to do that would also help raise some funds for the daycare. And Rocanville never had any kids Halloween programming on.

“It’s always tough at Halloween because everyone makes a costume or buys a costume and no one really gets to see it because it’s under a coat. The dance allows people to not only wear their costume twice, but actually show it off because it’s warm in here.”

The family dance will feature all kinds of goodies, including hotdogs and snacks, a penny arcade, goodie bags, a kids Halloween craft, and costume awards.

There will also be a door prize valued at $200 donated by Jeannot Electric.

Then at the adult cabaret, there will be a number of large raffle items, including a drone, as well as auction items. The cabaret will also include prizes for best costumes, a 50/50 draw and a midnight lunch.

There will also be a door prize valued at $200 donated by Deckers H20.

A local 4H group will also be offering safe rides home in the vehicle people came in that night as a way to encourage people from out of town to attend the cabaret.

Anyone can come to the adult cabaret, and adults with kids who purchase a ticket to the family dance can also attend the adult cabaret afterwards with that same ticket at no extra charge.

“We hope to see a few hundred people between the two dances—that would be a great number to have,” says Miskiman.

“I’m sure we are going to get a whole new crowd with the cabaret, not just the parents of kids who attend daycare, and that’s what we hope to see, is a different crowd too. For parents who do have kids that are coming to the family portion, that ticket that they buy gets them into both dances, so we hope they bring their family, and then take their kids home, put them to sleep, have a sitter come over, and then come back and have some more fun!”

Another thing that Dream Big Childcare is offering is a chance for people to donate Halloween candy to the family dance if they are not going to be home on Halloween night.

“For the people who take their kids around trick or treating who aren’t going to be at home or people who are going to be out of town on Halloween night, they can donate candy to the dance and we give them a door hanger saying they have donated to the dance and that’s how they have handed out their treats,” says Miskiman.

“Anyone in the community can do that.”

“You can take the candy to the daycare and we will give you a door hanger, so it’s on the door, and everyone who goes around with their kids knows you won’t be handing out candy,” adds Chevrier.

Miskiman says the family dance has been well received the last two years, and she’s hoping the adult cabaret goes over just as well.

“The family dance was as popular with the parents as it was with the kids,” she says. “The parents would sit and visit with their friends and the kids run around on the dance floor with their buddies, and everyone just enjoys a night out as a family,” she says.

Chevrier says the money raised by the two dances will go toward making ongoing improvements at Dream Big Childcare.

“We have a STEM program at the daycare—Science, Technology, Engineering, Math,” she says. “We are trying to get more toys that are STEM approved for early childhood education learning. A lot of the money will go toward those type of items.

“And also we’ve been doing a lot of developmental training with our staff there, so just furthering the education for the staff as well.

“And we’d like to purchase some more outdoor toys as well, we’d like to get some bigger outdoor toys for the kids like climbing structures. We have some, but it’s always nice to fill the yard, we have a big yard for the daycare and we have room for more things.”