Town switching to key fobs for bulk water

Rocanville Town Council:

March 26, 2020, 7:49 am
Rob Paul Local Journalism Initiative Reporter


At their regular meeting Wednesday, council carried a motion to have the bulk water fillup switch to a key fob system.

If a person doesn’t pay their bill for the bulk water the town will be able to disable their key fob remotely from the town office.

This system will also cut down on water usage because the key fob will only allow for the exact amount to be dispensed.

“We have a huge consumption at the moment that’s not being recorded,” said Administrator Monica Pethick.

“We have a large discrepancy about the amount of water that’s going through the metre and the actual amount of water being invoiced so that’s why we’ve gone to this system,” said Pethick.

It will cost the town $600 per year for the new system.

Rocanville giving Golf Club $5,000
The Rocanville Golf Club has requested money from the town of Rocanville.

A motion was carried to give them $5,000 this year as part of a startup fund, the same amount the town has given them the previous two years. Council agreed they need the money to improve their older equipment.

“They’ve proven themselves,” said Mayor Daryl Fingas. “They’re headed in the right direction, they just need a few more years.”

Amendment to water and wastewater operations training policy
Council passed a motion to amend a policy regarding water and wastewater utility operations certification training.

The town added that if they pay for a person to be trained and that person leaves before working for the town for two years they will need to reimburse the town for the training.

If they leave before working for the town for 12 months they will need to pay the town back for 100 per cent for the training and if they leave before working for 24 months they will have to pay the town 50 per cent of the certification cost.

Councillor resignation
Rocanville Councillor Ken Nixon has resigned because his primary residence is not in the town of Rocanville, making him no longer eligible to be a councillor.

Nixon has been a councillor in Rocanville since 2012.

The council will not have a byelection to fill the position because it’s an election year and can wait until the fall.

They will go with a reduced number of councillors until the election.

Council looking into Maplewood Crescent expansion
Council discussed the potential expansion of Maplewood Crescent after they were approached about selling two lots to build on. The two lots are on the northwest side of the subdivision.

The town was previously told they couldn’t build in that area because of the lagoon, but they now have permission to develop one row there.

“I don’t have a problem with putting a lot there as long as they pay for all the expenses,” said Councillor Stan Langley.

The lots would have to face to the north onto a back alley and the town discussed the potential of paving the area. The buyer has said they will pay for paving.

Before a purchase price can be given the town has to talk to a contractor to see how much it will cost for water and sewer to be installed for the lots as well as how much it will cost to pave the road.

Discussions will continue on the possibility of developing that portion of Maplewood Crescent as Rocanville council looks into more details on the area.