Liam, Olivia, Emma most popular baby names in Saskatchewan

April 5, 2017 9:44 am • By

The top 20 baby names for 2016 were released by eHealth Saskatchewan today. Liam was the most popular name for baby boys for the seventh year in a row, and Olivia and Emma tied for the most popular name for baby girls.

The second most popular boy name was Oliver and the third most popular girl name was Ava. There were 73 baby boys named Liam in 2016, followed by William, Oliver, Noah and Benjamin. There were 78 baby girls named Olivia and Emma, followed by Ava, Emily, Amelia and Sophia.

The list of top girl names actually includes 22 names because there was a four-way tie for the last spot. Perhaps the Royal Family’s much beloved couple, William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, continue to influence some parents in Saskatchewan.

William is now the second most popular baby boy name in the province, up from the sixth place spot in 2015. Charlotte also moved up the ranks after making the top 20 list in 2015 for the first time. William and Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, will be turning two years old in May.

In 2016, 15,674 births were registered in Saskatchewan, an increase of 177 from the number of births registered in 2015, which totalled 15,497. These numbers do not include Saskatchewan mothers who gave birth outside of the province.

Top names for baby girls were Olivia, Emma, Ava, Emily, Amelia, Sophia, Chloe, Scarlett, Paisley, Ella, Claire, Charlotte, Brielle, Abigail, Sadie, Lily, Hannah, Harper, Sophie, Madison, Addison, and Elizabeth.

Top names for baby boys were Liam, William, Oliver, Noah, Benjamin, Lucas, Ethan, Carter, Jack, Logan, Hunter, Alexander, Owen, Lincoln, Jacob, Jackson, Luke, Mason, Wyatt, and Hudson.

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