Mooseberry play this weekend

• By Kara Kinna

Who are the real criminals? That will be the question in the latest comedy being performed by the Mooseberry Acting Company this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Moosomin.
The comedy troupe will be performing a play called “Honestly Now” directed by Randy Mavin, a long-time Mooseberry actor who says this comedy caper is one of his favorites.
“It is the setting of the French Rivera—a resort for the wealthy, and basically the wealthy people are going there for their vacation which of course attracts criminals,” says Mavin, laying the scene. “So there are criminals about, looking a way to profit from the wealthy. We have couple that has gone to the French Rivera and their goal is to steal from the wealthy while they are out of their rooms, and that is where the name ‘honestly now’ comes in. At the end of the play that is a statement made by the master at the end of the play, they say we will do things honestly now.
“The play basically starts out they are planning their planning their way to rob people. They devise a plan in which they will throw a party and while everyone is at our party one of them will break into their rooms and steal their jewelry and whatever they have. That is the setting for the play.
“Then things get a little crazy. This is a comedy. They are not the only thieves that show up.”
Mavin says he is familiar with this particular play.
“I did this play 25 years ago and I really liked it so I thought ‘why not give it a go here.’ I was an actor in the play about 25 years ago and it was a lot of fun so I thought this will be a nice play to do.
“It is silly. It has pretty good writing and it’s a fairly intelligent comedy. I thought it was well written and fairly family friendly. We love doing comedies. We are basically a comedy group.”
There are a cast of eight actors, with five returning actors and three new additions.
Mavin says he enjoys doing comedies most.
“I always feel most comfortable directing a comedy. I like to make people laugh and have fun,” he says.
Mavin says the whole crew enjoys how the play comes together at the end.
“It is all fun. You work hard and you get a rush. We get so pumped when it is time to perform. All the hard work comes together and they love doing it. They love to get up there and get the laughs and cheers. As soon as you get up there and the crowd is there everyone gets so excited to be a part of it. They feed on it. I don’t think there is anything out there that replaces it.”
The plays are hard work for everyone involved but Mavin says its a labor of love.
“We have been practicing three times a week since January, usually two to three hours a night, some nights four. We have people driving in from Rocanville and it can get expensive for them sometimes to have to get babysitters.”
Is it worth it all in the end?
“Absolutely,” he says. “We raise a few thousand dollars and then any arts group in town that is interested in having some money thrown their way, we throw it their way. What is left over as profit we wait for people to apply or ask for the money. Or we just decide to give some money to a certain group.
“We will be giving $200 to the high school drama group this year. We usually give a chunk to the theater. We have a special relationship with them. We look at the theatre as the ultimate volunteer arts program in our community. Without them we wouldn’t have movies in town. Whenever they need something we are there to help them. We want to keep the theatre in good shape. It is a priority of ours.
“I would like to see $3,000 to $4,000 profit from each play. Any groups that needs it can contact someone in our group and we may be be able to make a donation their way.”
Mavin says there will also be live music provided by the Moosomin Community Band on the Friday and Saturday nights of the play to start the play and during intermission.
The plays will be held at the Moosomin Community Theatre at 8 pm on Friday and Saturday and at 2 pm on Sunday.

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