Good turnout for walk-in clinic

Second Moosomin walk-in clinic slated for Wednesday, April 21, 2-7 pm for everyone 55 and up

April 19, 2021, 11:21 am
Spencer Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Jeff St. Onge of Moosomin receive his  COVID-19 vaccine from Hilary Glasser in at a walk-in vaccination clinic in Moosomin Tuesday morning.

A walk-in vaccination clinic was held at the Moosomin Communiplex last week to distribute the AstraZeneca vaccine to anyone ages 55 and up in Moosomin and surrounding communities.

The clinic was open from 10 am to 6 pm and no appointments were necessary to receive a vaccine. The clinic was also open to residents from Manitoba as well.

Director of Primary Healthcare for Network Seven Trent Truscott says that the walk-in clinic was a different approach than the usual appointment clinics.

He says that the walk-in clinic saw a good turnout.

“Our count as of the late afternoon on Tuesday was over 100 people through the walk-in clinic in Moosomin. Our clinics that we’ve been running with the Moderna vaccine were pre-booked and still will be. We also have more clinics scheduled for this week. We ran the AstraZeneca clinic in Moosomin and one in Kenosee Lake which were walk-in clinics and is a bit of a different approach, it’s a bit more traditional and a bit more like a flu clinic where you can just drop in.

“We got some really good turnout in Moosomin and we’re really happy about that,” Truscott said. He said he has received the AstraZeneca vaccine himself.

“I got an AstraZeneca vaccine the other day because I just thought to myself that I would get whatever is available. It’s nice to have this vaccine available for us.”

Truscott notes that there have been minimal issues with vaccine clinics in Network Seven, which includes Moosomin and its surrounding area.

The only issue that Truscott brought attention to was the availability of the vaccines, which is an issue that stems from the manufacturers.

Truscott says that the SHA is ready to distribute the vaccine whenever it is supplied, noting Moosomin as a hub for distribution.

“There have been some delays that we have no say in. But the vaccine comes to us in Moosomin and we’re a hub, we have the appropriate equipment to store it like the fridge and freezer, then we can get it out to Kipling who also has a fridge (that can handle the very low temperatures the vaccine must be kept at). So that movement of the vaccine within the network works really nicely and once we set up a clinic, our clinics run very smoothly we’re very happy with everybody’s patience and just how smooth our clinics run.

“There have been some delays, as we all know, with the Moderna vaccine getting to us in Saskatchewan and us here in town. But those are delays from manufacturers and not delays from within hubs like Moosomin.”

Truscott says that when there is more supply of the Moderna vaccine appointments will need to be made to receive a dose, however, if more AstraZeneca vaccines are made available there will be more walk-in clinics similar to the one in Moosomin last week.

“So we’re following provincial direction. For our Moderna vaccine, which is going to be a large majority of the vaccine that we’re going to give in Moosomin and surrounding areas like Kipling, Wawota, or Kenosee Lake, we will continue to do booked clinics. We will offer those through the online booking system and you will get the Moderna vaccine at this point and there’s no sign of that changing yet. We’ll continue to give the Moderna vaccine.

“If we get more of the AstraZeneca vaccine we will then do walk-in clinics again. You will have to be 55 or over to take it. It’s a good one to do as a walk-in because it’s a little harder to book. That’s the direction we’re going.”

Booked appointments now available for anyone 48 and over.

Walk-in clinic this Wednesday
A second walk-in clinic is planned for this Wednesday, April 21 from 2-7 pm at the Mike Schwean Arena lobby in Moosomin.

Everyone 55 and and over, both Saskatchewan and Manitoba residents, is welcome to attend.