Bulls and Broncs event set for July 17

In place of Moosomin Rodeo, scheduled for after full opening in Saskatchewan

June 7, 2021, 7:45 am
Kevin Weedmark

Scene from previous Moosomin Rodeo events. This year there will be bull riding, bareback and saddle bronc at the Bulls and Broncs event which will be in place of the full rodeo.

Saskatchewan should be fully open on July 11 if vaccinations continue as expected and the Moosomin Rodeo Committee is planning a Bulls and Broncs event for the following weekend.

The Moosomin Rodeo Committee is planning the Bulls and Broncs event as a pared-down rodeo that will not include all the regular rodeo events, just three rough stock events—bull riding, bareback and saddle bronc.

Rather than the usual two-day rodeo, the Bulls and Broncs event will be one day, with rodeo action going Saturday evening at the Rodeo Grounds.

With the end of masking and crowd limits in Saskatchewan July 11 if vaccinations stay on track, the Moosomin Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual parade on the morning of July 17. The Chamber of Commerce will promote the event as a celebration of Saskatchewan’s reopening, promoting the parade, local businesses, the Community Market, the Bulls and Broncs event and any other events that day.

“The official name is Bulls and Broncs 2021, hosted by Moosomin Rodeo,” said Mike Sydoruk of the rodeo committee.

“We wanted to host something and not just let it go by. Hopefully everything changes for next year, and we’ll go back to the full event.”

“We wanted to have something to have some activity on the rodeo grounds again, after not being able to have an event last year.

“Cutting back the event helps the expenses, and helps the personnel, but it’s still something happening.”

He said the events that will be held are some of the most popular rodeo events.

“On the spectator side of it you’d have to say that bull riding is definitely the fan favorite. That’s what everybody is excited for, that’s what everybody wants to see. And with bucking horses, it’s the same kind of scenario there.

“So just holding these events helps out on the contestant level. The contestants on the rough stock side are manageable. If we did have a full rodeo with it being one of the first ones in this area, between two performances in our slack, you’d have well over 100 barrel racers alone. That’s 100 trucks, 100 trailers, that’s just one event. You add everybody else in, and there are a lot more contestants in a timed event versus rough stock. We went with this side because we thought it would be a little bit easier to manage and we’ll run with that.

“The arena’s not being fully utilized on the south side of the arena. We don’t need the extra people for working cows and steers on that side. We need the people on the bucking chute side to look after that. Even this year too, gate wise, you still need people to work a gate but you’re not going to have two gates. So everything is almost 50 per cent for the volunteers you need. Even the beer gardens.”

Sydoruk says it feels good to be getting back into gear as a rodeo committee after a year off.

“A few months back when we said we’re going to have a rodeo and we’re going to make it happen, everything was looking good. Then the regulations tightened which really, really hampered the situation, mainly the spectators side of things. That really closed things up and getting contestants on the grounds and parked and following all the rules was going to be tough. But it’s good to be back at it.“We were asked if we were going to be CCA (Canadian Cowboys Association) sanctioned for this event because I believe the CCA is trying to use all these smaller events for earning points and money towards hopefully doing finals for themselves and their association. I don’t know for sure but I assume we’re going to be an approved CCA event. MRCA (The Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Association) is undecided. I’ve talked to a few people on that side and they’re not entirely sure because they have no idea what’s going to happen over there with the regulations. We’re pretty fortunate on this side of the border. It’s far simpler to deal with right now over here.”

The Bulls and Broncs event will include a beer garden, but some of the other events that have happened around the rodeo are not being planned for this year. “We won’t have the Rodeo Idol this year or some of those things. With it not being the typical full rodeo, that was a way to just step back a little bit,” said Sydoruk. “Hopefully next year we’re right back to normal and a full event.”

He said there were a lot of discussions between the government, the CCA and rodeo committees, although now all restrictions should be lifted by the time of Moosomin’s rodeo.

“There’s been a lot of discussion between Sask Health, between the CCA, other committees, bouncing ideas off other committees and seeing what they’re doing and they’re asking what we’re planning.

“We’re lucky we’re going to be able to do this, and next year we should be right back to a regular rodeo.”