Bridges Law, Parkland CPAP introduce themselves

October 25, 2021, 2:35 pm
Kara Kinna

Chad Jesse with Bridges and Company Law speaking at the Chamber meeting.

At the Moosomin Chamber meeting on Tuesday, two new Moosomin businesses introduced themselves to Chamber members.

Bridges and Company Law and Parkland CPAP services have opened locations in the Broadway Commons building at the corner of Main Street and Broadway Avenue.

Chad Jesse with Bridges Law, which is based in Estevan, told Chamber members that they were encouraged to expand to Moosomin.

“A number of years ago there were some people in the area that we got to know who encouraged us to look at coming here and we’ve done that, we’ve made the leap,” he said. “We are up here every first and third Tuesday of the month and we’ll see how that goes.

“We do everything but court. I say the fun part of being a lawyer is probably not court, but we do lots of real estate work, lots of corporate work. Given where we are from down in Estevan, there’s lots of oil and gas type of work as well, and of course your wills and estates.

He says anyone looking for their service can book appointments through their Estevan office.

“I’m pretty impressed with Moosomin overall,” he added. “You can tell you have good people, great facilities, a real investment in your community. We’re happy to start to be part of it. Thanks for having us.”

Tracey Alcorn with Parkland CPAP Services speaking at the Chamber meeting.


Tracey Alcorn with Parkland CPAP services also spoke about her new business.

“I’m based out of Yorkton, I’m a sleep technician,” she said. “Locally we are open four days a week, Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 3 pm and we’ll extend hours if need be. We actually hired Dee Mudkins, she is born and raised in Moosomin and she is taking her training to hold the same title as me.

“We are a level three sleep clinic. So with referral from your physician, we will do a sleep test in your own home. You come into the office for a 10 or 15 minute appointment to learn how to use the equipment, you take it home and you sleep with it in your own home and you bring it back the next day. We upload it, and we work with a respirologist, a sleep medicine specialist, in the province, and because of technology, they are able to access that data remotely and do their interpretation, saving you some trips to the big city.

“We get those results back and let you know what they are and what the physician wants to do moving forward.

“And then we have the home medical equipment side of our business as well which includes all of your products and accessories for sleep apnea.

Chamber gearing up for Moonlight Madness, Christmas promotions
Chamber secretary Kevin Weedmark told Chamber members that the Chamber is starting to plan for Christmas promotions, including the annual $15,000 Christmas Giveaway and setting a date for Moonlight Madness.

He said it looked like the date for Moonlight Madness would be set for Thursday, December 2, and he said there were a few new ideas for Moonlight Madness this year that should make the night even more fun that in previous years.

McNaughton High thankful for support for volleyball provincials being hosted Nov. 19-20
McNaughton High School teacher Scott Sully spoke to Chamber members about the SHSAA 4A Girls Provincial Volleyball Championship that Moosomin is hosing on November 19 and 20.

Sully said McNaughton was awarded the bid to host the tournament in 2019 and that spring set out looking for local sponsors to help with the cost of putting on the event, but the event was put on hold because of the pandemic. With the tournament set to be finally hosted in Moosomin this year, he said McNaughton went back to the community to finish looking for sponsorship and were met with tremendous support. He said over 40 local sponsors have come together to help support the tournament.

“Through community support we have come up with approximately $5,000 of monetary and non-monetary sponsorships and donations for our tournament, so we just wanted to make sure we took a chance to get in front of a few people here and be able to thank you guys,” he told Chamber members.

“This will allow us to put on a tournament at a high quality for about 120 high school athletes from across the province. This will allow us to do some gym upgrades in terms of scoreboard, technology streaming, facilities, pads, poles, all sorts of things like that as well as the operational costs of the tournament and the requirements we need to have from the SHSAA.

“It will be at the high school and convention centre, which we are thankful for. Those types of facilities this community has allows us to have the opportunity to host things like this and allows these girls to have the opportunity to compete in this tournament, which is definitely a dream they’ve had for a few years. We were awarded it in 2019 and we’re finally going to get to host it this year hopefully.”