Moosomin's town cleanup Thursday, June 2

Community volunteers wanted, 200 students helping out

June 1, 2022, 6:11 pm
Sierra D’Souza Butts


On Thursday June 2, the town of Moosomin will be hosting a Community Clean-Up day in order to encourage residents, businesses, and groups to help pick up garbage around town.

Councillor Kyla Fingas explained why the committee thought it was a good idea to have a day dedicated to cleaning up the town.

“We noticed garbage laying around town and we wanted to have a chance to make it look better, Community Clean-Up day has been going on for several years now, and we just want to carry on the tradition,” said Fingas.

“We all live in town and we like to use this space, this is a chance for everyone to contribute and help out the community.”

Individuals who are interested in helping clean up the town are encouraged to bring gloves, comfortable walking shoes, and clothing that is appropriate to the weather conditions.

Fingas said in the past people have brought their own garbage bags.

“Some people have brought trash bags in the past which has made it easier for collection, but they certainly don’t have to,” she said.

“We bring garbage bags and supply them as well for people, all we really need is the man power.”
The town is also offering free access to the town’s landfill site from 12 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. on Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3.

Families and individuals also have the chance to win $100 Moosomin Bucks by participating in the day.
In order for a chance to win, individuals will need to take a photo of themselves collecting garbage and email it to, or text it to 306-434-8656.

Fingas said the more people who participate, the better it will be for the town.

“Many hands make light work, the more people we can have out, the quicker the job will be done,” she said.

“I’m mostly excited to see people come out and help out each other and gather, especially after Covid. I’m also excited to see the results.”

There will be about 200 students helping out during Community Clean-Up day, said Jeff St. Onge principal of McNaughton High School.

“We have 150 of our grade 7, 8, 9s and a couple of our senior classes that will be out there as well, we’ll have close to 200 students,” he said.

St. Onge spoke about why students participating in the day is important.

“It takes a community to raise a child, and what I love about the town clean up day is that it just shows our students how you put yourself into a community, how you reap awards from communities, how you put your energy into communities, it’s a wonderful thing,” he said.

“Last year I know we had every student out there, but this year because the timing of things, we weren’t able to put all of our classes out there, unfortunately.”

He said he believes Community Clean-Up day benefits Moosomin.

“For starters our town will be cleaner, I think cleaning up puts a bit of recognition on how that garbage got there, and that you’ll be less inclined to be part of the problem, if you’re part of the solution.”