New dealership another sign of continuing growth for Moosomin

The announcement that a Chrysler dealership is coming to Moosomin is big news for the area.

February 27, 2017 2:07 pm • By Kevin Weedmark Kevin Weedmark

The announcement that a Chrysler dealership is coming to Moosomin is big news for the area.

No doubt it will be a good move for the owner of Whitewood Chrysler, and it will be good for the existing dealerships in Moosomin.

Two of the big three North American automotive manufacturers are already represented by strong dealerships in Moosomin. Having a Chrysler dealership along with Bradley's GM and Celebration Ford will help all three dealerships by providing more selection locally-giving people more choice.

It will also cement Moosomin's reputation as a burgeoning regional centre. With Ford, GM and Chrysler automotive dealerships, Case, John Deere and Ford New Holland agricultural dealerships (and a new Versatile dealership just starting up), a major Flaman agricultural and rental store, two expanding farm input suppliers, and a strong local business community, Moosomin is a regional centre unlike any in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba.

The community has come a long way in the last few years.

It was November 6, 2008 when the twinned Trans-Canada Highway was completed at Moosomin-just over eight years ago. At that time the Red Barn and Dano's was the only business near the new highway. Owner Dan Davidson had the foresight to locate where the highway was moving to.

At the time there were no hotels along Lake Avenue. What was an empty field has been filled with three hotels and an A&W.

At that time, there was no Flaman's at the west entrance to town, and no Celebration Ford, Borderland Co-op C-Store or Tim Horton's at the east entrance.

There was no Pipestone Villas across from the Communiplex on Wright Road, no MCC Centre, no Sportsplex, no houses along Hussein Drive (as a matter of fact, there was no Hussein Drive!)

A lot has happened in a few short years. We have confirmation from the latest census that our population is growing, and we can see all around us how the business community has grown.
The growth shows no signs of slowing down. This year Borderland Co-op will open a large new home centre, and expansions will come on line at P&H and Sharpes Soil Services. All of these businesses have invested in Moosomin, and no doubt their investments will pay off.

There is potential for more growth. The town has set up an economic development committee led by Councillors Ron Fisk and Jason Miller. With the town paying more attention to economic development, and with the committee members speaking to businesses and explaining why Moosomin is a good place to do business, there is huge potential for new businesses to come to town.

Welcome to the new Chrysler dealership!

With Moosomin's potential, there may be many more new businesses to come!

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