Firebird Business Consulting is working on a proposal to develop an intergenerational care home on this land on Wright Road in Moosomin, originally slated for Pipestone Villas Phase 3. There is a public meeting set for 12 noon Wednesday, August 28 to discuss the proposal. Seniors, those who care for them and anyone else interested in the conversation is welcome to attend. The public meeting will be at the Nutrien Sportsplex at Bradley Park, across Wright Road from the potential site.

Meeting for intergenerational care home Aug. 28

Proposal would include enhanced seniors’ care, child care and food services:

August 19, 2019 10:22 am
Kevin Weedmark

A public meeting is set for Wednesday, August 28 to gauge interest in an intergenerational care home for Moosomin.

The meetings are set for the Nutrien Sportsplex at Bradley Park—across the street from Pipestone Villas.

The public meeting is set for 12 noon on Wednesday, August 28.

The meeting is aimed at anyone with an interest—seniors who might be looking at this type of facility down the road, their children, and caregivers.

The proposal for the intergenerational care home has been put together with the help of Firebird Business Consulting, which has put together financing for many major projects.

The proponents are looking at potentially partnering with Pipestone Villas and developing a seniors’ project on land owned by Pipestone Villas on Wright Road.

“We haven’t fully committed to that property yet, but we’re working toward a decision,” said Larry Scammell of Firebird Business Consulting. “Our goal is to bring the intergenerational care home model of care to Moosomin.”

The proposal for the care home currently includes enhanced seniors care, food services, and child care all in one building.

The concept is that children in care can interact with seniors in the facility, and food services in the building would be available to both residents and the public, to help ensure that the residents are integrated as part of the community and provide opportunities for interaction between community members and residents.

The Moosomin Economic Development Committee noted the need for enhanced seniors care, and Ron Fisk and Kevin Weedmark toured an intergenerational care home in Regina in 2018, which led to the current proposal.

“The conversation we want to have is with the community at large, with a focus on determining the need right now, and really figure out what is needed, and what we should be building,” said Scammell.

“We are not doing the ‘if we build it, they will come’ approach, we are doing the opposite, making sure that we are building exactly what is needed, making sure we can can hit the widest swath of the need and build something that is usable today and sustainable for the foreseeable future.

“The meeting is open to anyone who has an interest in participating in that conversation.

“That would include seniors who would be looking at this type of service within the next few years, it would include their children and people who care for them—anyone who can help us determine exactly what the needs are and will be.”

“We want to know what is the need? What care are you needing today, what will that look like in five, ten, fifteen years. We want to get as much information as we can.”

In addition to the public meeting, the proponents of the proposal will be meeting with potential investors that day.