Patron asks for 60 days to get together money for a lawyer

Patron asks for relaxation of court-ordered curfew because of his "job" as political candidate

November 25, 2019, 5:02 pm


Canadian Nationalist Party leader Travis Patron of Redvers asked for 60 days to get together a retainer for a lawyer when he appeared in court in Regina Monday, November 25. He is charged with aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, and breach of probation stemming from an alleged assault late in the night on November 2 in Regina that sent two women to hospital.

He also asked for a relaxation of his court-ordered curfew, saying the curfew interfered with his "job" as a political candidate.

When his name was called in provincial court, Patron requested time to put together a retainer for a lawyer.

He requested 60 days to gather his retainer for a lawyer.

Judge Marylynne Beaton pointed out that the adjournment he requested is significantly longer than that typically granted by the court.

When asked by the judge what type of work he does, Patron responded, “political candidate,” and told the court he earns money doing that.

The Crown didn’t contest Patron’s request for a 60-day adjournment, noting his charges are significant.

He was granted an adjournment to Jan. 20.

Before leaving, he asked the court to amend a release condition pertaining to his curfew, putting his job forward as the reason for the needed change and telling the court the curfew is “causing me some problems.”

The Crown agreed to allow for an exception for employment purposes.

According to the Regina Police Service, police were called shortly before 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 2 to the 1900 block of Victoria Avenue in Regina for a report that two women, aged 33 and 43, had been assaulted. The women were taken to hospital for treatment.

Police said the women and a man had spoken earlier that evening. It’s alleged the man offered them rides home and that, when his offer was declined, the assaults occurred.

Police say they attempted to speak to Patron nearby shortly after the alleged assaults, but he refused to speak with them. They determined his identity and interviewed him later, after which he was charged.