Two elections, many acclamations in RMs

September 22, 2014 8:01 am
Kevin Weedmark

The vast majority of rural municipal council positions across the area were filled by acclamation at the nomination deadline this year.

In the RM of Moosomin, David Moffatt was acclaimed as the new reeve. Moffatt was the acting reeve since March of this year. Previously he was a councillor for Division 3 since 2007.

There will be a byelection for Division 3 to replace Moffatt in that division.

There are two elections in the area—in the is in the RM of Wawken and the RM of Willowdale.

In Wawken, Blaine Ehr is running against Trevor Branvold for the Division 4 council position. Andrew Brehaut was the former councillor for Division 4, and didn’t run for re-election.

In Willowdale, Jerry Tayfell is running against Dennis Firkola in Division 6.

In the RM of Silverwood, one council position remains unfilled after nomination day. A second call for nominations has been issued for Division 6 in the RM of Silverwood, where no nominations were received by the nomination deadline.

Following are the results of nomination day.

RM of Moosomin
Reeve - David Moffatt
Division 2- Garnet Fawcett
Division 4 - Calvin Mills
Division 6 - Ernest Dobson

RM of Martin
Division 2 - Glen Ekert
Division 4 - Robert Dodd
Division 6 - Adam Knutson

RM of Maryfield
Division 2 - Jeffrey Chambers
Division 4 - Teresa Walker
Division 6 - Tyler Adamson

RM of Wawken
Division 2 - Darrell Peterson
Division 4 - Election between Blaine Ehr and Trevor Branvold.
Division 6 - Travis Houff

RM of Walpole
Division 2 - Blair Wilson
Division 4 - John White
Division 6 - Wade Porter

RM of Silverwood
Division 2 - Ervine Johnston
Division 3 - Mark Cowan
Division 4 - Barry Clark
Division 6 - Further call for nominations

RM of Willowdale
Division 2 - Larry Sippola
Division 4 - Eva Davis
Division 6 - Election between Jerry Tayfel and Dennis Firkola

RM of Rocanville
Division 2 - Clint Birkenshaw
Division 4 - Ernest Holland
Division 6 - Harold Parks
APAS Representative - Herbert Park

RM of Spy Hill
Division 2 - Glen Blakley
Division 4 - Ron Buchberger
Spy Hill has no Division 6