Polls open until 8 pm in provincial election

October 26, 2020, 9:55 am


Polls are open 9 am to 8 pm today in Saskatchewan's provincial election.

A record 185,061 people voted in advance polls in Saskatchewan

There are four candidates nominated in the three southeast Saskatchewan ridings—Moosomin, Melville-Saltcoats, and Cannington.

Both the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP have nominated 61 candidates—one for each riding in the province.

The Green Party has nominated candidates in 60 riding—including the three local ridings—and the Progressive Conservatives have nominated candidates in 31 ridings—including Moosomin and Melville Saltcoats.

The Buffalo Party has nominated 17 candidates across Saskatchewan, including Cannington.

The Liberal Party has nominated only three candidates across the province, none in the three local ridings.

Following are the final nominations for each of the three local constituencies:


Steven Bonk - Saskatchewan Party
Ken Burton - NDP
Marjorie Graham - Green Party
Frank Serfas - Progressive Conservative Party

Steven Bonk won the 2016 election in the Moosomin riding with 72.3 per cent of the vote. The NDP was in second place with 14.5 per cent of the vote.


Warren Kaeding - Saskatchewan Party
Bonnie Galenzoski - NDP
Jack Powless - Green Party
Trever Ratti - Progressive Conservative Party

Warren Kaeding won the 2016 election in Melville-Saltcoats with 72.7 per cent of the vote. The NDP was second with 21.8 per cent.


Daryl Harrison - Saskatchewan Party
Dianne Twietmeyer - NDP
Jaina Forrest - Green Party
Wes Smith - Buffalo Party

The Saskatchewan Party won the 2016 election in the Cannington riding with 84.4 per cent of the vote, and the NDP was second with 8.8 per cent of the vote.