People fishing at last year’s Kinsmen fishing derby.

Moosomin Kinsmen plan second fish derby for Telemiracle

February 24, 2017 3:59 pm
Kara Kinna

The Moosomin Kinsmen Club are holding their second fishing derby as a fundraiser for Telemiracle on Sunday, Feb. 26.

The derby will take place at Moosomin Lake and will include various prizes for fish, raffle prizes and a a 50/50 pot, as well as hot lunch and a bar.

Last year around 75 people came out to the derby and, now in its second year, Moosomin Kinsmen Club president Andrew Stacey says he hopes it is larger this year.

“I’m hoping to surpass 100 people,” says Stacey.

“We did some pretty high end prizes last year to boost it. Hopefully that will encourage more people to come out.”

Last year the derby raised around $1,500 for Telemiracle.

This year there will be a prize for the first fish—an Irontown Manufacturing wood stove, and a prize for largest fish—an ice auger.

There will also be prizes for the total combined weight of fish. First place will get 50 per cent of the entry pot. Second will take home an ice auger and tackle bundle. Third will receive a popup ice shack.

The cost of one hole is $60 and two holes are $100. Stacey says people can register online this year at or email

All proceeds from the derby will go to Telemiracle.

Stacey says there were lots of great prizes donated for the raffle last year and this year he says there is even more support from local businesses and prize donors.

“There were tons and tons of prizes. Everyone went home with something,” he says. “People have really increased that this year. We definitely have a lot more peolpe stepping up to donate.”

He says the derby went over well last year and that’s why the Moosomin Kinsmen decided to hold it again.

“People were really, really impressed, especially with our first year and the calibre of prizes. There were three ice augers and some pop up tents. Those are really, really good prizes.”

Why did the Kinsmen decide on a fishing derby as a fundraiser?

“Most of the Kinsmen members are fishermen as well, so it really appeals to us,” says Stacey. “Last year at the beginning of the year there were a ton of fish being caught out at the lake.

“It’s good for the area as well as the club. “

Stacey says the derby is fairly easy for the Kinsmen to pull off, as long as there are enough volunteers to pitch in. The Kinettes will be providing a hot lunch again out at the lake this year and a few of the Kinsmen spent time drilling the holes and setting up last year.

“It was kind of trial by error. Six guys set up the morning of and then you kind of just rolled with the punches,” says Stacey.

Stacey says the plan it to have the derby as an annual fundraiser in hopes that it will continue to grow over the years.