Kinette Spring Kegger this Saturday!

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The Moosomin Kinette Club is holding a spring kegger on Saturday, April 22 in the hopes that the event will be a major fundraiser for their club.
The “I’d Tap That” spring kegger will take place at the MCC centre on April 22 and will feature local country band Shifty Morgan.
“We had kind of talked about doing an event in October but it ended up being too busy with our Monster Mash event,” says Kaila Neifeld, vice president of the Kinettes.
“We all felt like we needed something to do on a Saturday night. There is not a lot for people our age to do. We wanted to just get everyone out and do something all together—something a bit different than what we normally do.”
The result was the spring kegger idea.
“As far as I know we have never done an event like this,” says Neufeld. “Those of us who have to been to keg parties, there is just a different atmosphere than a cabaret so we thought it would be something fun to try.”
The Kinettes, who donate all of their money back to the community, are planning to use some of the money raised by the kegger to expand the existing Kinettes playground at Bradley Park.
“Some of the money is going towards our playground—we’re going to hopefully be expanding that, and other than that we will be putting it back into the community,” says Neufeld.
Neufeld says she hopes this becomes an annual event.
“We are hoping that this takes off and it is something we can continue to do for a couple of years,” she says.
“If we sell the minimum amount of tickets that we have already purchased I think that it will be pretty big for us. If we had 250 to 300 people, it would be amazing.”
Neufeld says the event is first and foremost a fundraiser and the party is simply a bonus.
“The fundraiser is probably the first and foremost and the fun is the bonus part,” she says. “The club hasn’t done anything big this year so far so we were just really hoping to do well with this one first and foremost.”
Neufeld says there has already been a good response to the event, with tickets starting to sell.
Like all events run by community groups and volunteers, a lot of work will go into hosting it.
“The whole club is involved so far,” says Neufeld. “We are going to need a little man power so we have asked a few of the Kinsmen to help us out, but they would all be there anyway supporting our event.”
Early bird tickets for the event are available at Witch’s Brew in Moosomin, or by calling Kaila Neufeld at 306-434-6820 or Tracy Russell at 306-434-7700. Tickets can also be purchased at the door.

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