Moosomin reunion committee finalizing plans

April 24, 2017 7:53 am
Kara Kinna

As the Moosomin reunion and homecoming draws ever nearer, plans for the event continue to come together.

The homecoming is scheduled for July 6-9, starting with the grand opening of the Tim Hortons Heritage Park on Thursday, July 6, and ending with an ecumenical church service on Sunday, July 9. The weekend will include a Friday night social, a formal ceremony at McNaughton High School on the Saturday, and a Saturday night supper and dance.

Set for the same weekend as the Moosomin Rodeo, people will also have the option of attending the rodeo events, the Moosomin Chamber of Commerce parade on the Saturday morning, and a multicultural lunch and entertainment on Saturday starting at noon.

A number of individual school reunions are also being held that weekend.

A group of approximately 20 volunteers has been busy planning for the event.

Last week, reunion committee co-chair Sinclair Harrison announced that Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant Governor, Vaughn Solomon Schofield, has confirmed she will be speaking at the Saturday ceremonies being held at McNaughton High School.

At the last meeting held on April 10, it was decided that all registration for the reunion will be held at the Conexus Convention Centre starting on Thursday, July 6.

The committee also decided to hold the Sunday ecumenical church service at the rodeo grounds at 10:30, but if it rains, the service will be moved to the Moosomin Legion hall.

Norma Jean Miller reported that a number of vehicles have been booked for transportation around town for those who need it, and there will be designated parking areas in Moosomin where people can be picked up and driven to the location of reunion events.

As of April 10 there were 150 registrations submitted so far and Michele Shaw said more registrations were starting to come in as the date of the reunion came closer.

Sherry Shire reported that she and a number of volunteers had completed a town-wide canvas, going door to door to speak with people about signing up for the reunion.

Two former teachers—Marion Donald and Hank Reis—have also agreed to speak at the Saturday afternoon ceremonies being held at McNaughton High School.

The next meeting is set for Monday, May 8.

The schedule of events for the reunion is as follows:

Thursday, July 6
• 7 pm: Homecoming Registration at Moosomin Convention Centre
• 5-11 pm: Entertainment, supper and grand opening of the Tim Hortons Park

Friday, July 7
• 10 am: Registration at Moosomin Convention Centre
• 6:30 pm: Rodeo Events
• 8 pm: Homecoming Dance and Social Evening at Moosomin Convention Centre

Saturday, July 8
• 7-9 am: Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast at the Moosomin Fire Hall
• 8 am: Rodeo Slack
• 10 am: Moosomin Chamber of Commerce Parade
• 11 am: Registration at Moosomin Convention Centre
• 11:30 am-2:30 pm: Multi-cultural Luncheon and Entertainment at the Moosomin Armoury
• 3 pm: Moosomin Homecoming and School Reunion Program at McNaughton High School. Includes speeches, entertainment, and class pictures.
• 5-7 pm: Supper - Moosomin Convention Centre
• 8 pm-1 am: Moosomin Homecoming Dance at the Moosomin Communiplex

Sunday, July 9
• 10:30 am: Non-denominational church service at Rodeo Grounds (alternation location at Legion Hall if raining)