One of the dresses and pairs of shorts sewn by the “Little Dresses for Africa” group.

5,030 dresses and 2,000 pairs of shorts sewn for children in need

March 9, 2018 3:15 pm
Suzanne Eisler

Can it be four years since this all started. At a Bible study at the Free Methodist church I expressed my desire to sew “Little dresses for Africa.” I was encouraged by all. So I put an ad in our News in a Minute for two weeks. I wondered—would anyone come?

So on February 26, 2014 we met at the Free Methodist Church in the Cannington Wing. Well, they did come; 21 ladies showed up with scissors, irons, sergers, sewing machines etc. We meet in the Cannington Wing which the FM Church donate for our use.

We meet every Tuesday from October till April. We work from 1-4:30 pm, stopping for a time of socializing at three. Evelyn makes the tea and coffee and goodies seem to always come. We have had 10 to 18 ladies every week. In April we have a pot luck lunch to celebrate our winter’s work for anyone who has helped.

Our material comes from various people and places—ladies downsizing, estate sales, thrift shops, and the Northgate sewing centre. They donate material every January, this year 62 metres. We have never bought material for dresses or shorts, though sometimes we get pretty low. We do buy elastic, Serger thread and broadcloth, as we make all our own seam binding. We have made many, many meters. Our volunteers often buy these supplies as we have limited funds.

These dresses, shorts, baby blankets have gone to Haiti, Dominican, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Belize, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, the Philippines (by Jordan), Liberia, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea (by Troy S) and Malawi Africa, fires in the north and shoeboxes. Hope I haven’t missed any.

We have never paid for shipping, everything has been delivered by volunteers, or on mission trips (Carlyle). Thanks to everyone who ever took little dresses anywhere. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to our ladies who are so enthusiastic to start up, and are so dedicated. They come from Wawota, Kelso, Vandura and Kenosee Lake. It surpasses all my expectations.

If anyone would like to help or just see what we do, drop in. Or if you want to help in other ways, we would accept monetary help to offset some of our expenses.

Big thanks to the Free Methodist church for the use of your building, the cupboard you built for us to store our supplies. Without you this never would have come to be. And when we get pictures of the smiling face of the kids who received these dresses and shorts, we know what we do is so worthwhile.

Our fourth anniversary was on February 26. We have sewn 5,030 dresses and about 2,000 shorts. We are proud of our accomplishments.
Thanks again for the help we have had from so many in the last four years. We have truly been blessed!