Moosomin starts planning for Communities in Bloom

March 25, 2024, 2:23 pm
Joey Light

Mike Schwean spoke about how significant the Moosomin Legion is to the community.

After winning its population category for Saskatchewan in Communities in Bloom last year, Moosomin is starting to plan for Communities in Bloom for 2024.

Angela Thorn, the vice-chair of this year’s committee, said she’s hoping to build on last year’s success.

Last year was the first time in many years that Moosomin had entered the competion.

“ I thought last year was great, being as I wasn’t working with the town, I seemed to hear a lot from other community members and noticing stuff around town. Hearing all the excitement, people seem to embrace it and really got behind it. Hopefully we can grow that bigger every year.”

Community members getting involved
Thorn said the important part of Communities in Bloom is getting the whole community behind the effort.

“I definitely noticed more people around town starting gardens and planting flowers, I think it’s just something that grew and something for people to focus on. I think it just brought people together, wanting to make their part of the town look better.”

Program made a difference last year
She said she heard lots of comments about how good the town looked last summer.

She said there are a few things the committee would like to do differently this year, including getting more young people involved.

“If we can get some young people interested and who want to feel some community pride and want to help out that would be super!”

She said that part of the impact of Communities in Bloom is that once the community starts looking better, people are more motivated to keep it looking good.

“Trying to encourage people to even just pick up some garbage they may see and helping around the community. I know the school has a day they go out and pick up garbage around town, it would be great to encourage that more.”

She said there are lots of reasons Communities in Bloom is important for Moosomin.

“It’s important for our community and our tourism. The better we make our town the more people will come and they’ll spend money and keep our local business economy going. I think we just need to figure out a way to bring people in off the highway and out to the golf course and places like that. I think the better kept our town is the more community involvement we have for people to feel proud and having that pride for our community, the more it will just flourish and people will want to come. If we want to keep our growing I think it’s important to have a lot of community involvement and have people who want to make a difference with our town.”

Thorn said she was happy with how many people got into the spirit of Communities in Bloom and planted purple flowers for last years theme. This year the theme colour will be orange.

The Communities in Bloom committee will be having a meeting on March 27 to discuss new ideas and plans for this summer.