Provincial award for MacLeod Elementary

June 6, 2022, 7:18 am
by Sierra D’Souza Butts - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

On Friday, students of MacLeod Elementary School in Moosomin were awarded the Student Citizenship Award for helping make a positive impact in the community of Moosomin. At the assembly, six students from kindergarten to grades 5 were brought up to accept the award behalf of the school. From top left are: Reise, Leyton, Tucker, Crystal, Gordyn and Preston.

Students of MacLeod Elementary School in Moosomin were awarded the Student Citizenship Award for their efforts in the community on Friday.

The award acknowledged schools that were involved in a number of activities that helped make a positive impact towards their community. throughout the year.

At the assembly, Principal Tammy Cole of MacLeod Elementary School thanked the Government of Saskatchewan for the award.

“This year it showed that when we work together we can do great things for our community, our school community and our local community,” she said.

“When we work as a community we all win, and kindness counts every day. I know you hear us say that a lot of the time, but kindness does count every day.”

Cole also thanked the students for all of the activities, volunteering and fundraising they did throughout the school year.

“We have such kind caring students here, and great young citizens in Moosomin, the teachers will make announcements about students all the time, for helping clean up the playground, or for the grade 5 students moving all of that food to the Celebration Ford vans for the food bank, and that was a lot of work but we all worked together,” Cole said.

“We are proud of you all, and the great things that we have done to help others, this award is not my award, it is our award because you are all working towards being great citizens, kind, respectful, and responsible.

“We thank you and are excited to share this award of $1,000. We will be using your input to help us decided where that $1,000 goes.”

Saskatchewan’s Minister of Education Dustin Duncan also said a few words to the students.

“Through various community projects, we have acknowledged leaders that showed their commitment in supporting citizenship in their schools and communities,” Duncan said.

“I’d like to personally congratulate each of you on your hard work, I admire the citizenship you have shown in the community in helping make it a better place. The fact that you are all already doing such great work, makes me excited about our province’s future.

“Your commitment has been amazing and you should be pleased with all that you accomplished. To the students of MacLeod Elementary School congratulations, well done and keep up the great work.”

Trustee Carol Flynn also shared a few words.

“MacLeod Elementary School in Moosomin in the South East Cornerstone Public School Division was involved in a number of activities that brought the school students together fostering positive relationships within their community,” Flynn said.

“They collected mittens and toques for two local organizations that serve people in need, as well as helping their own students. In addition to that, they gathered over 1,000 items for their local food bank, and raised significant money as well.

“All activities were conducted across grade levels and generated school spirit and a positive culture.”

Then more information was read out from the essay submitted by Principal Tammy Cole in applying for the award.

“Mrs. McMullen, our kindergarten teacher wanted to teach her students about kindness, she asked if she could create a mitten tree in our library, based on the book.

“Soon students from all grades got on board and brought in items for the tree. Mittens and toques were brought in from kindergarten students and given to Caring Communities and Angels Anonymous for students in our school.

“Caring Communities and local organizations help families in need by providing a variety of items throughout the year. Angels Anonymous is an organization that works together just in time for Christmas, to help families and students in our community.”

On Friday, Saskatchewan Minister of Education Dustin Duncan thanked the students of MacLeod Elementary School in Moosomin for all the hard work they put in through the school year in helping contribute to the community.