Elkhorn rallies for Filipino family in need

April 1, 2024, 10:55 am
Ed James

The cheque presentation to the Camile family to help with expenses.  From left is Elks Club Treasurer Ken Shackel, Lara and Adam Camile, and in front is their son Jared.

Canada is a country that many people all over the world want to make their home, and who can blame them? We have in this country so many opportunities for newcomers in education and jobs. Elkhorn resident Adam Camile is such a person who came to Canada in 2014 from the Philippines to find a better life.

In 2018 he arrived in Elkhorn with his wife and soon-to-be-born son and started working at the local Esso Station coffee shop. For the next several years it became a popular coffee spot for the early morning coffee crowd and the evening coffee crowd, with Adam and family help keep the coffee cups filled and doing some short order cooking.

Adam became very active in community events and became a member of the local Elk’s Club #381. Soon his son Jared would arrive, who from any early age worked helping his parents and being an active child in both the school and community.

However as the saying goes, just when everything was going well, a problem arose. His application at Canadian Immigration had a problem, which after a trip to the offices in Winnipeg, he was informed of an error with his paperwork and that he would have to return to the Philippines within 30 days and wait there until his original paperwork was vetted and approved.

This was somewhat of a shock for Adam and his family. Fortuitously his family will be able to stay, as there were no problems with their paperwork, and their son Jared is a Canadian citizen.

The community that he’s called home for the last 10 years quickly sprung into action with various groups and individuals attempting to help Adam and his family. The local MP was contacted and a petition of names supporting his stay in the community was take to the office of Immigration Canada in Winnipeg by Adam and local Reeve Clayton Canart. There he was informed what the problem was with his original paperwork and instructions and he was given 30 days notice that he would have to return to the Philippines until his application was approved.

With this situation, the Elkhorn community became involved in whatever way they could to help out Adam and his family. The local Elks Club started a fundraising project to provide some financial support for his family while he awaits his return to Elkhorn. The Elks Club used the money raised at its popular meat draw event that is held before its Chase The Ace event at the Elkhorn Motor Hotel. Also that evening the hat was passed around which was added to the final total. When the event was over the project raised over $2,000 to help support the family during Adam’s return to the Philippines.

Ken Shackel, the Elks Club Treasurer, said about the evening, “We wanted to help a fellow club member and a member of our community. This evening was an Elk’s community project. We are very pleased with the turnout from the Elkhorn and area supporters for this community event.

“That evening the hotel bar was filled to capacity, with a very busy kitchen and bar service, and customers of all ages. The adults were busy checking out their long strips of meat draw tickets and several of the children who were present played at the pool table or the claw vending machine.”

The final presentation was made by Ken Shackel to Adam and his family who came forward after an evening of greetings of personal support and comfort from the crowd.

Adam said later, “The Elkhorn people and community have been so very kind and supportive to me and my family. We are truly blessed. This donation will not only help my family until I return, but it shows that over the years I have been here, that Elkhorn is a caring community. I look forward very much to returning to my family, the Elkhorn community and our local Elks Club. Salamat!”