Myles Sanderson has lengthy record of violence - 59 criminal convictions

Police still seeking Sanderson after weekend that saw 11 people dead and 19 injured after a stabbing spree

September 6, 2022, 8:53 am


Myles Brandon Sanderson’s criminal history spans two decades, with convictions for domestic violence, armed robbery, and numerous other violent attacks, including a double stabbing committed with a fork.

Sanderson is wanted for first-degree murder in the largest mass murder in Saskatchewan history.

Eleven people are dead after the stabbing rampage that began on the James Smith Cree Nation Sunday morning.

One of the people killed was Sanderson’s brother, Damien, who was also a suspect in the stabbings, and, before his body was discovered, had been charged with one count of first-degree murder. Eighteen other people were injured in the attack.

Because of his violent behaviour and past convictions for crimes involving firearms, he has a lifetime prohibited weapons ban.

“Your criminal history is very concerning, including the use of violence and weapons related to your index offences, and your history of domestic violence which victimized family, including your children and non-family,” reads a decision by the Parole Board of Canada from February 2022.

Sanderson had been serving a four-year, four-month prison sentence for a number of offences, including a violent scene at the home of his domestic partner and children, attacking two men with a fork, beating a man until he was unconscious, and kicking a police officer in the face and on the top of the head repeatedly.

Sanderson received statutory release after serving two-thirds of his sentence.

His statutory release was suspended once, and Sanderson had been wanted by police since the spring, when he stopped reporting to his parole officer.

Sanderson remains at large, and is the subject of a manhunt across the prairies.

The offences for Sanderson was in prison for began in the summer of 2017, when he barged into his common-law wife's house in a rage, and, among other things, punched a hole in the bathroom door while the children were being hidden inside, and threw a cement block at a vehicle outside.

A few days later, according to court documents, Sanderson got into an argument with an employee at a local store, tried to fight the man, then threatened to murder him and burn down his parents’ house.

That fall, he was involved in a robbery using a firearm, and another alleged assault that fall.

In April 2018, while drinking at a house, he attacked two men there with a fork, then beat a passerby outside and left that victim unconscious in a ditch.

In June 2018, while trying to sneak into his domestic partner’s house, he got into a violent altercation with police.

He said that officers would have to shoot him, and then assaulted one of the officers while being taken into custody.

According to the Parole Board documents, Sanderson has a total of 59 criminal convictions as an adult, including multiple convictions for aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, simple assault, assaulting a police officer, threatening, mischief, resisting arrest and obstruction, as well as drug and alcohol offences.

According to parole documents, Sanderson started drinking and smoking marijuana at age 12, using cocaine at 14, and crystal meth in his late 20s, and has a history of associating with “gang members, drug dealers, pimps and people involved in the party scene.”

He has five children with his long-term partner, who has been the victim of domestic violence perpetrated by him, according to court documents.

The parole documents say a Spousal Assault Risk Assessment assessed Sanderson at high risk for spousal violence. Other assessments put him in the medium-high risk to violently reoffend.

His statutory release involved living under a number of conditions, including having no contact with several people, reporting all domestic relationships, and not consuming alcohol or non-prescription drugs.