Putland new school trustee

January 16, 2023, 1:02 pm

Retired teacher and MacLeod School  Principal Devona Putland was elected by acclamation for  the Subdivision 1 trustee position of the Southeast  Cornerstone School Division

Moosomin’s Devona Putland is the new school trustee for the Moosomin, Rocanville and Wapella areas.

She was elected by acclamation last Wednesday.

The Subdivision 1 trustee position became vacant with the passing of former longtime trustee Carol Flynn.

The deadline for nominations was last Wednesday, January 11, and Putland was the only person nominated.

Putland had a long career in education, including being principal of MacLeod School in Moosomin.

“The first thing is to be sworn in, then I have board orientation to find out how the board functions. After that I have a group of people that want to meet with me on February 25,” says Putland.

“Now that I’m in by acclamation, instead of it being a candidate forum, it will be more of an issue of ‘what are your questions? What do you want me to find out for you?’

“It is exciting, but it’s bittersweet. I sent in my resignation to HR last evening, asking them to remove me from the substitute list for Southeast Cornerstone. I thought that I might feel a little more saddened by that, but I think this is a whole new opportunity. I get to see a whole new perspective on things. I’ve heard lots of words of confidence and encouragement and that feels good.”

She said it is a sign of the times that the position was filled by acclamation rather than having an election.

“All boards are having the same issues where the seats are barely covered, because people just aren’t wishing to do that type of volunteerism. Hopefully we can make it look enticing and more people will be interested in running next time.”