School enrolments on an upward trajectory

September 11, 2023, 8:12 am
Kevin Weedmark


Not all the numbers are in yet, but very early enrolment figures from local schools show more students in class again this fall.

Not every school had figures available by the end of last week, but for the 10 schools we have figures for so far, total enrolment is 2,284, up from 2,265 last year and 2,219 in 2021.

There is a growing international look to classrooms this year. At McNaughton High School this fall, for instance, there is one new student from South Africa this fall, one from India, and two from the Philippines.

There has been a long term trend of increasing enrolments in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba.

At McNaughton High School, for instance the initial figure for this fall is 23 per cent higher than 2015.

See next week’s World-Spectator for a breakdown of enrolment figures across the region.