Alexander Elias Olson

Alexander Elias Olson

June 5, 1924– December 23, 2022

As published in the January 9, 2023 World-Spectator


Dear Dad, your prayers were finally answered on December 23, 2022 and you got to go home to God and mom.

Though you never understood why I would want to leave Saskatchewan and go “way out there” to work (NS, NL), I credit your love of adventure in joining the Navy (Nova Scotia) and going to Alberta and Chicago to make curling ice and for giving me the desire to try new things.

You showed me that volunteering (4-H, curling) and helping others is very important.

Your farm-engineered creations (snow plow on your mobility scooter) were impressive while making your engineer son-in-law cringe with concern for your safety.

I believe your ability to create something out of spare parts that you have was genetically passed to your youngest grandson. You certainly passed on your ability to talk to anyone to your oldest grandson.

We are grateful that you still delivered your one liners to the last day. I pray that you will be able to bike to the curling rink, curl and play cards after. Love you Dad.

In lieu of flowers and donations please wear your sunglasses to prevent macular degeneration (dad’s loss of vision was a real challenge), volunteer your time, ride your bike, curl and play some cards.

Condolences may be sent to or Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel & Crematorium 2157 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 0L4.