Dear Santa, Please bring us Energy East

Letter to the Editor

December 23, 2021, 9:05 am
Donald Osman


Letter to the editor sent to the World Spectator.

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like see the following. I am asking your help.

Help us to get the much needed Energy East Pipeline back on goals and built from here to St. John, New Brunswick.

With a branch down to Sarnia on the Canadian side. Michigan can no longer be trusted. Get out of the road and get the ones to the west coast done. Make a deal with USA to allow a pipeline inland from their Arctic fields through our west and down with some understandings of reciprocal consent to Keystone and other when needed. Send the Senator from West Virginia a Hugh fruit basket, and a coverage to a top restaurant for his whole family (Cork and Bone)
And build a line to Churchill. Build the railway up through the west to Alaska. Let us get this Country moving. I cannot see any of this happening with a Liberal Government. We also need a Conservative Government that finds a better solution than Carbon Tax, and has the guts to tell Quebec that, no one Province does not have the right to block a pipeline in the National interest. Not much loss politically there as they never vote Conservative anymore and might if they saw some push back. About it for my Christmas list. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

P.S. For all of us in support of reducing global emissions this will do more in this department than anything suggested in Glasgow by the over done Canadian delegation. Some of their ideas such as development of alternative energy sources can be helpful but certainly are nowhere near sufficient. Not sure though why they keep skipping over the most obvious—Nuclear. Lots of love and feed those reindeers, and give your dear wife an extra hug for all of us. Thank you with love from a somewhat frustrated Western Canadian. I intend to enjoy anyway taking what I can use and leaving the rest.

—Donald Osman