Labyrinth Park proposal presented to council

June 1, 2022, 2:44 pm
Kevin Weedmark

A plan showing a walking path and trees around Moosomin’s labyrinth.

Carol Adair and Dana Crosson attended the Moosomin town council meeting Wednesday to discuss a proposal for developing a walkway and a park around the labyrinth at the south end of Moosomin.

“It was a year ago that you approved for that piece of land to be the labyrinth,” said Adair. “I just want to thank you for that. It was wonderful for you to do that and I was very happy. But when I saw the land and the space around it, I thought why don’t we have a park around the labyrinth. Dana Crosson helped us figure out how we could develop that and make it a really nice site.”

“I do have experience working in parks as a landscape architect for nearly five years,” Crosson told council members.

“I’ve done a lot of parks. I know the benefits of passive recreation are huge. The town has done a great job of creating opportunities for active recreation for our active population, but we’re proposing a passive space for people to walk or have a picnic or whatever.

“As you know, the labyrinth is already there. What we’re proposing is to put a ring of trees, and the four quadrants, north, south, east, west, would have a different tree to signify that, and we would build a path around it lined with trees, and there are opportunities for seating around that as well. We are thinking of asking businesses or residents to sponsor trees, and we are asking if the town would provide the path. The path would be a circle 60 metres across.”

“The plan would involve 20-30 trees,” said Adair. “We’re looking at $150 a tree so the whole tree cost would be $4,500 to $5,000. I wrote to Tree Canada. You can apply in the fall and they provide three different types of trees. We thought of asking businesses to sponsor a tree. I think if a lot of people think about it, they’ll say ‘I wouldn’t mind donating a tree’ maybe even in memory of someone, since it’s next to the cemetery.

“I did already think of a few places that could help,” said Adair. “I talked to a few businesses. I realize we need permission from council before we go any further, so here we are. We’re looking for a sanction or support from town council or just an indication that you think this is a good idea.”

“I know a lot of people use the labyrinth,” Councillor Murray Gray said. “When I’m out at the Community Garden I see a lot of people using it. Also now that there are some benches and picnic tables, to have some trees for shade I think would be a great thing. I’m sure people would go out there and maybe have a picnic.”

“With mental health right now, this is a an important outlet for people, for stress relief,” said Councillor Garry Towler.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Councillor Chris Davidson.

Council agreed that because the labyrinth is on town-owned land, if the organizers collect donations to cover the cost of the trees, the town can issue receipts for a tax deduction.

Council agreed to have the town crew build the path around the labyrinth.

The path could be built this year, and the trees planted next spring.

“When we planted the trees at Bradley Park, we involved a class from the school,” said Gray. “They actually learned how to do it and then did it. I think getting the school’s involvement would be good.”

“I think it might be something for the Ag Class to be involved in,” said Youth Councillor Victor Santos Junior. “You could reach out to the school.”

“I also thought of the woodworking class, if they could work on a bench,” said Adair.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get them involved, too,” said Santos.

“It would be nice to have a space like that, and I’m sure people would use it,” said Gray. “It is something different than we normally focus on from the recreation side.”

The town will determine the property line between the town-owned land at the site and the Kin-Ability Centre’s land and move forward from there.

There will be a presentation on the Labyrinth Park plan, as well as the Eastside Playground, at the June 21 Moosomin Chamber of Commerce meeting.