Haven Clothing owner excited for first holiday season

November 30, 2022, 11:23 am
Sierra D'Souza Butts, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Being open for almost three months now, Hannah Herman, owner of Haven Clothing said she is excited for her business’s first holiday season in Moosomin.

The owner of Haven Clothing, Hannah Herman, said she is excited for her first holiday season in Moosomin.

“Christmas is my personal favorite holiday and I’m really hoping that we’re busy,” said Herman.

“We’re working on our Black Friday right now and getting ready for Moonlight Madness. I’m kind of bracing myself for my first time ever experiencing those, but it should be good.”

Prior to opening the store and even since opening day, Herman said she has felt so supported from people all across town.

“Before even owning my own business I was huge into shopping locally and supporting small businesses,” she said.

“I’m a very personable person, I feel like when I can relate to you and put a face to the name, I’m that much more intrigued by it.
“I’m not originally from here, but my boyfriend is. We started dating when we were 16 and every weekend I would come to Moosomin. Before I hit the road back home, I would stop by Witches Brew or if I was here and he was out working, I would go around town and go to all of the little shops.

“I am a huge support local person. I think the quality and value of the things is so much greater.

“You go to a mall and you spend $50, that $50 means nothing, but to a small business that could be their kids lunch money for the week, or it could be buying half of their groceries for the next day, just little things like that.

“Personally, from how I’ve experienced the community so far it’s a very locally driven town. Everyone loves local shops, they support people locally, everyone has been absolutely amazing to me.

"I cannot say a bad thing about Moosomin on opening day, businesses that I’ve never spoken to sent me cards, they sent me flowers, they wished me luck, I was blown away by it.”

Being open for almost three months now, Herman said she has seen people come from all different areas into her store.

“We get people from lots of surrounding communities, I noticed, obviously people in Moosomin, but also from Rocanville, Wapella, Whitewood, Carlyle,” she said.

“I’ve had people come from Elkhorn, Fleming, some people I have heard from Virden. Some people from Brandon have told me they come to Moosomin just because of the shops that are here, because they don’t have local boutiques and stuff in Brandon, like how we do.

“I can’t remember the lady’s name, but she said that she always makes it a point to come to Moosomin for holiday shopping. It’s been really good, even with the surrounding communities.”

Herman spoke about why she believes it is important to support local businesses, especially around the Christmas season.

“Even with just opening, there are so many costs that you have no idea exists or that you budget for,” said Herman.

“Especially with how the world is right now with everything being so expensive from groceries to gas to everything going up, I think this isn’t just a job to people. This is their life.

“You don’t get to go home from work, close your phone and it doesn’t follow you home. The job follows you everywhere you go, so personally, I think shopping locally is crucial.

“I have done all of my shopping within Moosomin so far, from Christmas cards to the big presents under the Christmas tree. All of them have been done locally.

“Thank you to everyone who has been in the store and who has supported me. As well to the people who have been a customer that keeps coming back and isn’t afraid to ask questions or reach out to us.

“A huge thank you to everybody, it’s been amazing on their end. They’ve done an amazing job as customers and have been very respectful.”