Winter Wonderland set for Moosomin Regional Park

January 16, 2023, 1:10 pm
Sierra D'Souza Butts, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

 This year, the Moosomin & District Regional Park will be offering dog sled rides at Winter Wonderland.

There will be an all-day Winter Wonderland event this Sunday January 22, at Moosomin Regional Park. The day will consist of dog sled rides, skating on the lake, a 50/50 draw, sleigh rides, servings of hot chocolate, along with other fun winter activities organized by the Moosomin & District Regional Park.

“The dog sled rides start from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We’re also going to serve hot dogs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. that day, and we’ll be serving hot chocolate all throughout the day,” said Kathy Doane, one of the organizers for the event.

“We’re really excited about the dog sleds. We’ve heard quite a few people commenting saying they’re coming, and that they would love to see this.”

“The dog sleds will be first come, first served. We’ll be selling tickets for $10 a person.”

The organization hosting the dog sleds will be coming from St. Malo, Manitoba.

Last year was the first time the park hosted the all-day Winter Wonderland event and because of the great turnout, Doane said they decided to host it again.

“It turned out really good last year. We had quite a few people ask us if we were putting it on again so we thought we would try it,” she said.

“It’s beautiful down here in the winter time just as much as it is in the summer. There’s enough of us down here now, we thought we can sort of it show it off.

“Last year it was held on a bit of a cooler day, we’re hoping for a warmer day this time, but the horse sleighs went over really well. A lot of people enjoyed that.”

There were about 150 people who attended the event last year, Doane said.

“We have no idea how many people to expect this year, the dog sled owner said they’ve done up to 400 rides,” she said.

“It will be a nice day to get some fresh air. Kids enjoy the snow, I think it will be a nice laid back day.

“People can just come out and enjoy their day. There’s not really a scheduled time, you can come out for hot chocolate when you want to, there will be bon fires for people to sit around, people can take the sleigh rides whenever they want to.”

Doane spoke about how the district came up with the idea to host a Winter Wonderland.

“There’s so much going on in the summer down here, but there’s not that much in the winter. We just thought it might be nice to see more people enjoy winter time down here as much as summer,” she said.

“We got a lot of good feedback from last year. There were people coming out here that we realized would never expect, from places like Carlyle.

“That’s why we’re feeling that this year we’re going to draw a bigger crowd.”

Doane was asked if the group plans to make Winter Wonderland an annual event.

“As things go, I think we probably will. There will be skating that day too, kids can bring their skates out,” said Doane.

“There’s also a lot of fishermen out here now for ice fishing. Depending on the snow that day too, we were thinking of making little tobogganing hills.

“There’s so many things to do that day, it sort of just pulls it all together.”

There will be free hot chocolate throughout the day at Winter Wonderland on Sunday January 22.