Moosomin Kinsmen hosting comedy night on Saturday, Feb. 11

January 24, 2023, 4:15 pm
Sierra D'Souza Butts

Comedian Sam Norton will be the main act that night.

After a two-year hiatus, the Moosomin Kinsmen Club is hosting their first event—Valentine’s Day Comedy Night.

The comical, romantic evening will be happening at the Moosomin Armoury Hall on Saturday, February 11.

Supper will begin at 6 p.m., followed by the show starting at 7:30 p.m. featuring comedians Sam Norton and Sammy Farid. The tickets cost $120 per couple.

“Nobody has done anything since Covid and we wanted to get out, so we decided to put on an event,” said Kyle Jeannot of the Moosomin Kinsmen Club.

“We chose to do the show for Valentine’s Day because there’s usually nothing going on. It’s nice to have a venue where you can hold close to 200 people, have supper, and then there’s a bit of a get-together and dance happening afterwards. It’s a done deal.”

The show will also be followed by a DJ for the night.

Jeannot said he hopes sales are strong as all of the money raised by the Kinsmen for the year, will go back into the community.

“All of the money we raise from this goes back into the community. We’ve built a ball field, we’ve put money into the hospital, into the town’s swimming pool, the curling club, golf course,” said Jeannot.

“We cover our costs for the night. Obviously this is a volunteer club so everything we make of profit, goes back into the community of Moosomin.

“It’s a night out with your significant other and friends, as well as a bit of a get together, and you get to pop money back into your own community at the end of the day.”

After the comedy show, people will have the chance to hang out with one another.

“There will be a DJ after and then a dance. We’ll also have a liquor license, the evening should end around 1:30 a.m.,” he said.

“Our goal at the end of the day, honestly, is to cover our expenses so that we’re not in the hole, and to have people come out to have a good time.

“People haven’t been getting out since Covid. They’re just starting to get out again and this event will be good for that.

“This club has been pretty quite for the past two years so it’s nice to get it out, back into the community and to let people know that we’re still there.”

Jeannot said he is looking forward to the event since the last time the Kinsmen hosted an occasion was years ago.

“The last time we hosted an event was for the airport as a fundraiser. I believe we wrote a cheque for the airport for $5,000,” he said.

“We would like to raise around $5,000 at this event, and find something we can donate it to in our community. There’s lots of stuff that can use funding and fundraising for.

“We’re trying to get a playground off the ground, they’re still trying to get the airport, there’s numerous things that are on the go that could use some assistance.”

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