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Pipeline would carry North Dakota crude to Moosomin to connect with Energy East: TransCanada applies for Upland Pipeline

[May 4, 2015 • By Kevin Weedmark]
TransCanada has taken the next step in its proposed Upland Pipeline, which would carry Bakken crude from Williston, North Dakota to the Moosomin Compressor Station, where it w. . .READ MORE

Mosaic planning $1.7 billion project at Esterhazy site

[April 27, 2015 • By Julia Dima]
Last Tuesday in Esterhazy, Mosaic held an open house to discuss the next step in their continued expansion of the Mosaic K3 potash mine just east of Esterhazy. In March, Mosai. . .READ MORE

Farmland values continue to increase

[April 20, 2015 • By Kevin Weedmark]
Saskatchewan farmland gained 18.7 per cent in value in 2014—the highest increase in the country for the second year—and Manitoba farmland gained 12.2 per cent in value, accord. . .READ MORE

Southeast Regional College: Electrical program set for Moosomin this fall

[April 13, 2015 • By Kevin Weedmark]
Southeast Regional College has decided to offer its electrical program in Moosomin this fall. The program was not on the college’s original schedule for this fall. After. . .READ MORE

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