Saskatchewan government discouraging interprovincial travel

Due to Covid-19

September 8, 2020, 8:35 am
Kevin Weedmark


With Saskatchewan’s Covid-19 numbers the lowest in the region and dropping steadily over the last few weeks, the provincial government is discouraging interprovincial travel.

Saskatchewan had 36 active cases of Covid-19 on Friday, while Alberta was at 1,415 and rising, and Manitoba was at 422.

The government says most of Saskatchewan’s new cases in recent weeks have been the result of Saskatchewan residents travelling to neighboring provinces, where cases are higher and rising.

“While Saskatchewan’s current active case number is low, all other western provinces are experiencing increased Covid-19 transmission at this time and Saskatchewan continues to have a number of cases linked to interprovincial travel,” according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority. “This includes flights and by road.

“While interprovincial travel is permitted, public health officials are discouraging recreational travel to and from Saskatchewan. Essential travel, including travel for agricultural production, industry, transport, medical appointments, etc. has always been permitted and will continue to be.

“However, unnecessary trips should be avoided at this time. If you must travel, look to your destination and the posted Covid-19 case and risk information.

“Other jurisdictions may have requirements and/or restrictions.

“You must abide by the local public health orders in the province or territory you are visiting. If you do become symptomatic while travelling, contact the local public health assessment line for advice; you may be required to self-isolate in place. If you choose to travel, upon your return to Saskatchewan, carefully monitor for any symptoms and consider seeking testing upon your return to Saskatchewan.”